United Trucking School

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United Truck Driving School has been serving Southern California since 1978. United has been successfully preparing students for a career as an entry level professional truck or bus driver for the transportation industry. In as little as 3 to 5 weeks, United Truck Driving School can make you job ready for a new and fulfilling career as a truck or bus driver.

There is no better time than right now to prepare for a truck driving career that will qualify you for a multitude of over-the-road jobs. Or you can train for a license to operate a truck or bus in a local position. The truck driving industry has faced a shortage of drivers for a number of years and that is not projected to change anytime soon.

United Truck Driving School is an accredited school. In addition to all other students we are approved to train both active duty and retired military personnel using a variety of programs funded through the military.

If you are considering truck driving as a new career, United Truck Driving School can help you realize that goal. Our graduates will leave school with a Class A/P, a Class A or a Class B/P license that will meet their career needs. Graduates receive a diploma that tells prospective employers that they have received their training at United Trucking School.

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