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Trucking Industry Outlook For 2019

2019 is the year to become a truck driver!

Many may be looking to start their trucking careers in 2019. The good news is that the overall outlook for the trucking industry looks pretty positive moving into 2019 and beyond!

Consumer demand will continue to cause a need for more truck drivers in 2019. The trucking industry has a lot to offer drivers looking for quality work.

Rising Consumer Demand

Consumer demand is expected to increase at a modest rate of 3-4% throughout 2019. This expected rise in consumer demand brings good news for truck drivers. About 70% of all goods travel by truck throughout the United States. As the demand for products increases, more and more drivers will be needed to keep the supply chain moving.

An Increase in Trucking Jobs

There are currently about 52,000 truck driving job openings throughout the US. Plus, the demand for drivers is expected to increase even more in 2019 and beyond. This means that finding a job will not be a difficult task regardless of where you live!

With so many job opportunities available, there are plenty of ways to put your CDL to use after your training. Whether you decide to get your Class A CDL, Class B CDL, or a combination of the two, the possibilities are endless. Explore the vast job opportunities within the trucking industry!

Automatic Trucks Are Not Here Yet

Talk of autonomous vehicles has many concerned for the future of the trucking industry. Many truckers fear that automatic trucks will eliminate the need for human drivers. While the development of such vehicles is underway, it will be quite a while until they are ready to hit the road. The possibility of seeing machine-operated trucks on our roads is likely decades, or a couple of generations, into the future.

Self-driving trucks are not here yet however companies are utilizing technology to make things a bit safer on the road. Some of these new features may include motion detection of cars around you or high definition backup cameras. These features make it safer to drive large vehicles but a physical driver is still required to operate the rig. Getting your CDL will help prepare you to do the challenging parts of the job such as backing up, pulling into tight spaces, or entering/exiting busy highways and interstates.

Truck Drivers Make a Good Living

Truck drivers have a high earning potential, allowing them and their families to live comfortably. Even just starting out as an OTR truck driver, you can expect to make about $45,000+ per year. The earning potential can even increase to about $100,000+ with more driving experience or working in a management role! In addition to a healthy income, most companies provide their drivers with a host of other benefits including paid time off, full healthcare benefits, and retirement benefits such as a 401k.


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