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Pros & Cons to CDL School vs. Company Training

Comparing Your CDL Training Options!

There are two main ways that you can get started on your new career as a professional truck driver. You can either enroll in a CDL training program or complete your training through a trucking company.

Both are options that many truck drivers have successfully used, however, there are a few distinct differences between the two. The following are some of the pros and cons of both forms of training!

Pros to CDL School

You can earn your CDL in a matter of weeks. CDL training at United Truck Drivin School only takes 4 weeks to complete! Most CDL schools also offer financial aid options to help you finance your training. In addition to a variety of government-funded programs, United also offers veterans assistance, personal financing, and tuition reimbursement. Explore your financial aid options!

Learn from skilled instructors, each with extensive OTR experience. Most CDL training schools will also help graduates with job placement. United graduates get help with their job hunt and have access to exclusive hiring events with top trucking companies. Another great benefit to CDL school is that you can choose which type of CDL you want. United Truck Driving School offers both Class A, Class B, and a combination of A & B CDL certifications!

Cons to CDL School

Attending CDL school may require a little bit of time off work for day classes. This may not be very doable for people working full-time jobs while training. It will also require a commitment to completing training in just a matter of a few weeks which may be hard for someone with family-related or additional personal responsibilities that they have to tend to

As you can see, there are many pros to choosing a CDL training school. CDL training schools, like United, equipt you with all the tools you need to succeed in the long-run. Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of company CDL training!

Pros to Company CDL Training

The biggest pro to company CDL training is that may require little or no payment up front. A lot of trucking companies will cover the cost of most, or all, of your CDL training. However, you will have to pay the amount back over a certain period of time.

Though there is often a bit of flexibility in paying back the cost of your CDL training. Oftentimes trucking companies will allow payment back for training to start when you start working. This will allow time to pay back the money and take only a small portion of the fund from each paycheck you make for a predetermined amount of time.

Good news⏤you’re already hired! Training with the company you’re going to work for means that you won’t have to mess around with a job hunt once you’re finished with your training.

Cons to Company CDL Training

Trucking companies are often owned independently, meaning they are not able to provide financial aid options. Though they may cover the cost of your training upfront, tuition is often expected to be paid back in full whether through loans or other means.

Companies that do offer “free” CDL training will tie you into a contract for a time period (usually one year or more) in return as payment for the training. Being tied to a contract can be frustrating if you later find out it’s not the best company to work for.

While there are several pros to company training, there are many more pros to enrolling in a CDL school in the long-run. United Truck Driving School can give you the training you need to get started in the new career. Forget the contracts and have the flexibility to choose the best company for your lifestyle! Contact us today to learn more!

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