Women In Trucking

Investing in Women Truck Drivers

United Truck Driving School is proud to invest in women truck drivers. We pride ourselves on giving women the skills they need, through our CDL training, to become successful truckers in the industry.¬† Women are breaking barriers every day and United is proud to be led by our school director, Cindy Stullich, who has always been an amazing advocate for women truckers. Women have been a huge part of United’s success over the years and we are proud to showcase our many graduates!

“I believe that, you just keep trying and you don’t give up no matter what and you’ll make it, if that’s what you really want to do!” – Joni Atkins, United Graduate

There is currently a shortage of truck drivers, up to 100,000 by 2023, and companies are looking to women to help fill these positions. More and more women are entering the industry and United Truck Driving School is proud to help women get involved and on the road.


Women In The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has been known as being male-dominated with 90% of truck drivers being male. However, this is changing. Carriers are looking to hire more women into their fleets for a variety of reasons. According to a  study by American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI)

  1. Women are 20% less likely to be involved in a crash compared to men.
  2. Females have a lower turnover rate than male drivers, at 35% compared to 49% in men.
  3. Studies have found, on average women log more miles per year than men.
  4. Carriers are always looking for women to become trainers for the next generation of drivers.

Who would not want to get into an industry where employers are looking for candidates like you! Women are sought after by several different companies and United Truck Driving School has Job Placement programs in place to help you get hired even before you graduate.


Female Trucking Resources

There are many trucking resources specifically designed for women within the trucking industry. They are designed to help women within the industry connect with one another and provide support for women truckers across the country.

  • Women in Trucking Association (WIT): WIT is a non-profit organization with the goal to encourage and promote the employment of women in the trucking industry, celebrate their accomplishments, and overcome any obstacles women face in the industry.
  • Accelerate Conference: Accelerate is a national conference put on by WIT that covers gender diversity in the trucking industry, what is working and what can be improved, and a networking community of diversity in the transportation industry.
  • REAL Women in Trucking: REAL Women in Trucking is a non-profit organization designed to promote women entering the trucking industry, as well as advocate for quality CDL training to better the industry as a whole.
  • S.H.E. Trucking: SHE Trucking is an education, mentoring, and online community for female truck drivers. They have a huge online Facebook group with almost 10,000 members. The organization also has a clothing and merchandise line for female truckers.

Ready to break those barriers and learn more about how you can become a truck driver? Contact United today at 800-764-2020 and begin your CDL training today!

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