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How to Obtain CDL Endorsements

Earning Additional Endorsements for your Trucking Career

Updated Sept. 2022

Whether you are just considering your options or already have a CDL and wish to further your career, you need to know how to obtain extra CDL endorsements. Even if you never use them, having an endorsement can give you options for better jobs and pay.

The ELDT mandate has changed how you can get your CDL endorsements. Any driver wishing to get their endorsements has to complete entry-level driver training to take the Passenger, School bus, and hazardous materials tests.

Let’s start by looking at some of the most common endorsements and how they are obtained.

Common Trucking Endorsements:

  • (T) Double & Triple Trailer – allows for pulling multiple trailers – additional written knowledge test only
  • (P) Passenger – allows for multiple passengers (specific # varies by state) – written knowledge and road skills test
  • (N) Tanker Vehicle – allows for transporting liquids – additional training and written knowledge test only
  • (H) Hazardous Materials – allows for transporting hazardous materials – fingerprinting, background check, additional training, and knowledge test only
  • (X) Combination Tanker and Hazardous Materials – fingerprinting, background check, and knowledge test only
  • (S) School Bus – written knowledge and road skills test, a separate application, fees, and background checks


Professional drivers with the right skills are always in high demand. Projections show an increase of 6% in the number of trucking jobs by 2030, with a mean average of $77,000/year compensation for basic drivers. Adding extra CDL endorsements will make you more valuable in the marketplace. Face it, when you are seeking employment, you are in marketing mode and your job is to sell your skills.

Your future ability to increase your pay and qualify for better jobs is dependent on your training. Nobody can take away what you have stored in your brain. Educational investments are your greatest investments, with most drivers seeing their return on investment within 2-6 months.

At United, we offer our Class A + Passenger CDL Training. This course will prepare students to earn the following endorsements: Airbrakes, Doubles, Triples, Tanker, Hazmat, and Passenger. After graduation, students can operate any legal combination of vehicles or buses, including Class B and Class C vehicles. If you are interested in obtaining CDL endorsements, contact us today!

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