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Touring America While Still on the Job

Is it Possible to Enjoy the Sights as a Trucker?

When you get into your truck for the first time ready to drive across country, you’re probably thinking about the destination. But what about all of the things you’ll pass by on the road? You might be passing through huge cities, national parks or alongside the beach! But will you be able to see all of these sights?

Yes! You just need to plan for it.

The first step is to talk to your carrier. Each one has different rules on bobtailing on your own time. Bobtailing is when a driver drives a semi truck without a trailer on personal time.

If your carrier has rules against bobtailing and requires that your truck be kept in a “safe haven” while on reset, you can find a cheap car rental to take you around the city and see the sights. Don’t forget to do some research before you hitting the road. Check out the best restaurants and sights while you’re in town!

Trip planners like are great resources for planning out a schedule outside of your driving time to see everything you want to see. Some of the attractions are accessible without a vehicle, through public transportation or walking.

Of course, the off road fun that you have all depends on your schedule and how you plan it out. Most drivers can manage to fit things in, just make sure you know your carrier rules first.

Are You Ready?

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