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Trucking and The Environment

How Trucking is Doing its Part

Trucking is constantly evolving. The latest changes we are seeing truck makers and carriers make are making trucking affect the environment less. Learn what changes are coming to the trucking industry.

Changes to the truck

The quickest way trucking can improve its environmental impact is by enhancing the trucks on the road. Trucking has started experimenting with alternative fuel sources for trucks, such as natural gas and electric trucks. However, these trucks are still years from hitting the road in mass. Current trucks are getting fitted with engines that burn diesel more effectively, which helps reduce the amount of carbon and increases the total efficiency of the trucks. The other way trucks are improving their fuel efficiency so they can burn less diesel is by adding hybrid systems and improving tires. The hybrid systems will allow drivers to turn off their engines while idling yet keep the comfort they need. Goodyear is working on tires that roll better and create less friction which can help improve fuel efficiency by approximately 80 gallons per tire.

Improving trucking routes

Truck drivers always look to improve their routes to make the most money possible. This can also have a positive effect on the environment if done correctly. When a driver optimizes their route for the day, they tend to avoid areas where they will be stuck sitting in traffic and lean more toward routes that keep them moving. This increases that driver’s fuel efficiency by almost double if done daily. However, this responsibility should not fall only on the driver. The carrier can also optimize the routes they give to all their drivers and freight so that routes are run better and there is less downtime. When Walmart implemented this policy, they saw their fuel efficiency double.

Upgrade the supply chain

Trucking is already seeing a shift towards more regional and dedicated jobs. This change allows the supply chain to run more smoothly as drivers can complete more assignments. Shippers are also upgrading their equipment so trucks can get in quicker. These changes can have drivers doing more jobs and remaining efficient.

Willingness to adapt

The final thing trucking needs to do to help the environment is to be willing to adapt to the future changes that come into the industry. This will allow trucking to evolve and remain at the forefront of the transportation industry.

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