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Trucking: The Perfect Career for Military Veterans

How Military Skills can be used in Trucking

Finding a job can be difficult for anyone, but this can be an especially difficult task for military veterans. After serving in the military it can be hard to decide where exactly your career will go next. You may not even know what kind of job you’d like or how you can apply the skills you gained while serving.

Good news⏤the trucking industry is the perfect transition for military veterans! Becoming a professional truck driver is a solid move for veterans looking to re-enter the workforce as the two industries align perfectly in several ways.

Transferable Skills

Much like in the military, a trucker’s decisions are imperative to not only their safety but also the safety of those around them. Paying close attention to details can make all the difference in both the military and on the road.  Depending on the specific CDL job, professional truck drivers may spend a lot of their time alone. This requires them to be self-starters who are responsible enough to deliver the goods in good condition and on time.

Trucking companies will also expect their drivers to be reliable and good communicators. Reliability and communication are key skills veterans gain while serving. In addition to transferable skills, job security is another similarity between the military and the trucking industry. There is always a need for more soldiers just as there is always a need for more drivers.

The Veteran Advantage

A lot of heavy equipment is used in the military which can give veterans a huge advantage in trucking. A military CDL may allow you to waive the civilian CDL skills test! The Military Skills Test Waiver is an option for veterans based on their previous experience. This can save applicants time and money when applying for their CDL.

Even if you don’t have experience driving in the military, you still have a leg up as a veteran entering the trucking industry. At United Truck Driving School, we offer a military program that accepts most VA benefits including the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, Vocational Rehab, and My CAA!


The transition from military to trucking is smooth as the two industries are similar in a lot of ways. Our veterans give their all and deserve the best. Our goal at United is to improve your skills through proper CDL training to get you on the road to a new career!

If you’re a veteran interested in making your way into the trucking industry, contact us today! In addition to financial assistance, veterans have access to job placement. Make the transition from military to trucking in just 4 weeks at United!

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