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Taking Your Pet Over-the-Road with You

Tips to Truck Driving with Your Pet

Take your pet best friend with you to work. Did you ever think that would be possible, as a professional truck driver? Get ready for this great news — it is possible!

Some companies see the many benefits to you — and to them — if you travel with a pet companion. To make it happen, they’ve put smart policies in place.

However, there’s more to it than just helping your pooch into the cab of your truck every workday.

Three Benefits of Having your Pet Join you:

1. Cuts the loneliness when you’re away from home because you’re bringing some “home” along with you!

2. Get/stay healthy. Movement is important to your health and to your pets. Exercise each other (be sure your pal wears a leash, so he doesn’t take off for parts unknown)!

3. Worry-free traveling. You won’t have to wonder and worry about what’s happening to your pet back home while you and your family aren’t home during the day to take care of him.

Playing by the rules:

Pet policies aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Each company will have its own policies, depending on what they feel is fair to you, your pet, and to them.

Health Certificate — Your company will want proof that your pet pal has his shots and is in good health.

Pet Deposit — Pet-friendly trucking companies will ask for a deposit, much like a leasing company requires a deposit when you rent an apartment or a house. The good news is, the pet deposit, or part of it, may be refundable if you ever leave the company’s employment.

Number, kind, breed, and weight limit — One dog and one cat, one dog only, one cat only. Restricted breed (as in, the non-aggressive breeds). Weight limit, say 60 lbs. per pet. All of these requirements will likely be part of your company’s pet policy.

Their Space — Your pet won’t be allowed in the front passenger seat while you’re driving, for apparent safety reasons.

Ready to roll? First, use these packing tips for your pet:

  • Collar, halter, leash – your pet probably won’t be allowed to run free at the customer’s site, or at some truck stops.
  • Water in refillable containers, and a water bowl
  • Food and treats
  • A favorite toy
  • Sponges, paper towel rolls, and spray cleaners… in case of an accident inside the truck or in your pet’s space in the truck
  • Proof your pet friend is up-to-date on shots

Your company’s policies may require other items to ensure the safety of you and your pet, their vehicle, and customers. Be sure to ask questions if you’re unsure.

Enjoy your trucking career even more with the exciting possibility of taking your furry friend with you in your travels!

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