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What is the ELD Mandate?

Getting On Board With the New ELD Mandate

The new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is part of MAP-21 and it states that the records of duty status (RODS) must now be filed through an electronic means that creates a safer work environment for all drivers. The ELD law specifies that electronic records of RODS must now be kept of the time that the driver spends working and operating the vehicle.

Electronically keeping these files will allow for drivers to easily share the records with their supervisors and managers. Some professional drivers in the industry are not too pleased with this new change in their routine. Here’s why we think the new ELD mandate is a win-win for everyone!

Benefits of the ELD Mandate

The ELD method has many more positives to it than just allowing supervisors or managers to see the driver’s records. It is also much more accurate than requiring drivers to keep paper records, which can be sometimes tricky to maintain. It’s much easier to misplace or damage your records when they are paper files rather than electronic.

Moreover, the ELD system can save drivers valuable time. Recording hours electronically is much quicker and easier than having to write everything down with a paper and pen. Thanks to the new ELD mandate, drivers can spend less time worrying and more time being productive!

The ELD Mandate is Convenient and Flexible

The ELD mandate offers convenience and flexibility for everyone involved. Trucking companies can simply install the software into a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, and drivers can start keeping their records electronically!

It’s also convenient for the driver to be able to use their own personal devices they are already familiar with. Drivers simply log it in and it’s instantly reported to the system. Having real-time records helps supervisors keep a tab on all of the vehicles in their fleet.

Compliance Deadline

The ELD mandate was introduced as a law on February 16th, 2016. The ELD devices became mandatory as of December 18th, 2017. The final deadline for all vehicles to be outfitted with AORBD, which includes all units being upgraded or replaced, will be December 16th, 2019.

The upgrades that must be done to ELD devices by 12/16/19 includes limiting the functions the device is allowed to perform. This will allow the device to achieve its goal of keeping records without collecting any personal information on the device. This improvement will address privacy concerns by keeping their data secure.


While it may seem overwhelming to make the change, the ELD system is going to make everyone’s job easier in the end. Electronic records are also more permanent and much easier to keep track of!

Time is money when you’re on the road. That’s why it’s important for truck drivers to adopt new routines that will save them time, like using the ELD system. Interested in more ways to save time? Check out the 3 Must-Know Time Management Tips for Truck Drivers!

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