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Football and Trucking Go Hand In Hand

Behind the scenes of college football!

It’s that time of year! College Football season shifts many American’s focus to the field during Fall. You may not have known, but College Football shifts some truckers’ focus from the road to the field as well. College football has become a big business in the world of sports. The game has become something of a show in addition to a contest, and when it’s time for that show to go on the road, just about every team has a semi-truck that goes with them. Let’s take a unique look at college football from a very different perspective.

The Dream Job

Johnny Harris was originally featured on and drives for the Arkansas State University football team. Harris has a normal trucking schedule throughout the week but has the opportunity to drive for the team whenever they take their games on the road. Harris, like other NCAA college team drivers, carries all the equipment the team uses; helmets, pads, exercise equipment, etc. These drivers definitely get to see a different side of college football than the rest of us. Their job is indeed a dream for any driver that also considers themselves a fan of college football!

Pride of the Trailer

One visit to the Twitter feed for NCAA FOOTBALL TRUCKS and you’ll see some of the coolest, most detailed trucks on the road! Driving for a college football team is unlike any other truck you might step into. These trucks are designed to be big, intimidating and a point of pride for fans and their teams. If you pass one on the road, they certainly won’t blend in with the others on the road. These team trucks are meant to stick out like a sore thumb!

The Road Trip

Tim Newcomb discusses the University of Washington’s process for getting everything the team needs for their away games on Popular Mechanics. Multiple trunks hold everything from cleats to pads that are organized and packed into the truck. Short trips can be made by a single driver, but for longer trips, two drivers go to divide the trip between them. While the team may fly to certain destinations, the truck always hits the road. It is all a seamless operation.

NCAA college football has more going on behind the scenes than most people could imagine. The staff and logistics that go into moving the team from one location to another are astonishing. Behind every team, there is a hardworking trucker that helps get the team from point A to point B. Contact us┬áif you’re interested in learning more about a career in the truck driving industry.

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