Will a Felony Keep You from Getting a CDL?

The truck driving industry is alive and well! In fact, there are shortages of people going into the truck driving profession. Obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) with a felony is actually possible in most states. As David Weedmark writes for Legal Beagle, unless the felony was committed while operating a vehicle, in most states, it will not keep you from obtaining the CDL. Those with a felony struggle to find good opportunities in the workforce, but the trucking industry is often a good opportunity for many.

Each Situation is Different

With that being said, the specific details of each situation are different. Contacting the truck driver training school you intend to use to discuss these details will give you a definite answer to whether you will qualify for the license. Rest assured that very often you will be able to get the CDL. The truck driving industry tends to be more progressive in giving opportunities to those with felonies. Truck driving is essential to the economies of every country in the world. Some of the reasons truck driving is so attractive include:

  • Opportunity to travel
  • Work still available in a down economy
  • Competitive wages that increase with experience
  • Faster licensing and training process

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Each state has different laws concerning the issuance of a commercial driver’s license. Every state requires a written test and a road test. If you have a felony, the nature of the felony will determine how long you must wait before applying for a CDL (if at all.) Contact United Truck Driving School to get all the necessary information for California, but know that there is definitely hope for those that want to get into the exciting and rewarding profession of truck driving even with a felony conviction. Contact us┬áto get more information and let us help you get started on the path to your next opportunity.

Getting Your Family On-Board With Your CDL Training

Making any career change is a big decision to matter what point in your career you’re in. The same is true for deciding to become a professional truck driver! As a truck driver, you may be required to spend extended periods of time out on the road. Because of this, you may need to get your family on-board with your new career.

Talking with your loved ones about the realities of a trucking career will help gain their support in your decision. Here are the most common misunderstandings about trucking and how you can combat their concerns!

How Often Will You Be Away From Home?

As a professional truck driver, your home time is going to depend on the type of job you have. Most are required to start out as an over-the-road (OTR) driver to get experience in the field. OTR drivers typically spend several weeks at a time out on the road. Even if you go on the road for 2 to 3 weeks, you will generally be granted a longer span of “home time” so that you get to spend time with your family.

Paid vacations are also provided by most companies after a few months of employment. Longer periods at home may let you spend more quality time with your family while you’re home than just having evenings or weekends off alone. When you are home, you are 100% off and 100% dedicated to family time!

Many of the OTR jobs give way to experience which can get you local and regional jobs. Many local and regional jobs offer the same as traditional, working hours as business hours such as requiring a 7 am to 3 pm shift, any many give drivers off weekends. So it is very possible that later in your trucking career you will be in a local position with regular working hours.

Will You Be Able to Find a CDL Job?

There are currently over 60,000+ openings for professional truck drivers in all 50 states. There is no doubt that you will not have issues finding work. Moreover, United Truck Driving School offers job placement assistance to help graduates get hired! Once you’ve earned your CDL, we do our best to ensure that you are going to find a trucking job you’ll love.

How Much Will CDL Training Cost?

Some are fearful of the cost associated with completing their CDL training. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. There are plenty of options to finance your CDL training! In addition to a variety of government-funded programs, United Truck Driving School also works with some of the top trucking companies who offer tuition reimbursement!

Will You Make Enough Money As A Truck Driver?

Truck drivers get paid a lot more than most people think. The pay compares to many 4-year degrees while it only takes about a month to earn your CDL rather than 2-to-4 years to get a University-level degree. Truck drivers earn about $41,340 per year which equals about $19.87 pay per hour when they start out in the field. As they gain more driving experience, there are plenty of opportunities to earn much more! Many drivers who advance to the top ranks of companies and get into management can make $100,000+ annually in the trade.



At the end of the day, addressing your families concerns will often ease their minds and get them on board with your new career in trucking. Answering their questions will show that you have kept them in mind when making your decision.

For further assistance in discussing your CDL options with your family, please feel free to contact us at United Truck Driving School!