Is Being an Owner/Operator the Next Step for You?

So, you’ve started thinking about becoming a truck driver. You want to earn your Commercial Driving License (CDL), that’s a given, but what else have you thought about for your career as it progresses down the road? Have you ever thought about becoming an owner and operator?

There are several benefits to taking this career path. Some of these include a certain degree of independence, a greater income, personal success, and the possibility of eventually owning your own shipping company.

If you work hard and do right, it can turn into your version of the American Dream. You work for yourself without a ceiling for how high you can rise in your field. What could be more perfect?

But is it something you really want to do? Because it can be tough. Here are five things to consider when deciding if an owner/operator direction is right for you:

  1. Moving into an owner/operator role is a big commitment and a substantial risk. It includes paying for your own truck – which is within the $100,000 range – not including all of the maintenance and insurance required in owning it.
  2. In this role, you will have to work a lot of hours. Not all of them will be driving hours because this role is much wider reaching than at the truck driving level. Since you are the owner, you’re the one doing all of the work, until you become successful and can hire more people.
  3. Being an owner/operator means that you have to worry about the business side of the job. It can be fun for some people, but you have to make sure that you like that part of it. It takes a lot of commitment to lock down that side of the job.
  4. We mentioned the cost of the truck that is required for this role. There are also a lot of hidden costs that can be impossible to fully predict. Taxes come into play and a lot of your money will be tied up in the cost of the truck. So make sure that you have the money to go down this path.
  5. Incorporating yourself may be a good way to limit your financial liability if something unforeseen happens. Though this is another cost, it may be a protection that you can’t afford to put off.

Even with all of the challenges associated with being an owner/operator in the trucking industry, it can be very rewarding! Be sure to consider all aspects of this choice when deciding where your career should go. It’s a bold move, but bold moves can pay off.

What’s next?

At United Truck Driving School, we are excited to offer Class A + Passenger endorsement, Class A, and Class B + Passenger endorsement CDL training. Truck driving is in HIGH demand.  The time is now for those interested in completing their CDL training. Contact us today for more information.

4 Times You’ll Regret Not Paying Attention in Trucking School

We’ve all been there. You’re in school, staring at a test you’ve just been handed and thinking, “why did I not study more?!”

It’s a terrible feeling knowing that you should be prepared but you’re not. If you’re taking a practice test, this may be the best time for it to happen because you still have time to study. But if it comes at other times, you may not be so lucky. Here are four times you REALLY wish you had paid more attention during truck driving school:

When you’re on an icy road, in traffic, and that one car cuts you off.

Getting through truck driving school without giving it your all may not turn out to be the best plan after all. This becomes reality when you’re stuck in heavy winter traffic on an icy road and someone cuts you off but you have no idea how to properly react.

Not knowing the proper reaction in a situation like this can be fatal for you and drivers around you. This is a perfect situation in which you want to have the most information you possibly can.

When your truck breaks down in middle of no man’s land.

Driving through the middle of nowhere all alone isn’t fun. Being stranded while also being responsible for thousands of dollars of cargo, attached to a $100,000-plus truck that belongs to someone else, is way worse. Imagine not knowing what to do in this situation.

Not paying attention in truck driving school can put you in a huge jam when this type of situation comes around. This now puts you at risk, and costing you money. If you didn’t hear your instructor talking about the small set of tools that you should have, then what should be a 15 or 20-minute repair can turn into a long delay.

When you’re taking your CDL Exam.

This is a horrible feeling. Looking at the test questions and knowing that you have no clue what any of the answers are. This just reminds you that you may not be able to pass the exam, delaying your career as a trucker. You want to make sure that you know your stuff and can apply it in the real world.

Don’t worry though. The staff and instructors at United Truck Driving School are here to help make the exam feel like a breeze. After completing your classes, you’ll feel like a pro during your exam!

When you’re at a job you dislike…because you failed your CDL exam.

If you think you can pass the CDL exam without paying attention in class and asking questions, think again. The exam is meant to certify that you will be a safe and reliable driver that can handle situations that may come up on the road. It is intentionally tough. However, the last thing you want is to not pass it and be back at the job that you left. So, study up!

If you really want to become a truck driver, be sure that you’re ready to put in the time and effort. You will be glad you did when you have a long-lasting and successful career.

If you’re ready to get started, then contact us United Truck Driving School today! Our Admissions Reps are ready to answer any questions you have about enrolling, financial aid, or job placement services. Give us a call!


Today, Make Sure to Thank a Veteran

November 11th. Veteran’s Day. A time when Americans honor those who have served. But what can you really do? What can you do that would say thank you in a better way than just saying so? Here are four ways to thank a veteran, today:

1. Show, Don’t Tell

It’s easy to say “thank you”, but go to local celebrations on Veteran’s Day. Most towns have parades on Veteran’s Day and showing up to show our appreciation means a lot to those who have served. When you see a veteran, ask them about their service. You’ll probably hear a really interesting story! Here is a list of Veteran’s Day events for 2017.

2. Visit a Veteran’s Association (VA) Hospital

Cities across America have VA Hospitals filled with those who have served and everyone knows that visitors are always a good thing in the hospital. Seeing someone in the hospital and listening to their story goes a long way. Find a VA hospital close to you and make sure to visit one this weekend!

3. Donate Money

There are countless organizations that put financial resources to good use to help wounded warriors and help veterans with the transition from the military to civilian life. Find an organization you would like to donate to, and help a veteran begin this new chapter of their life.

4. Offer a Veteran a Job

The transition from military life to civilian life can be tough. Veterans are quickly finding that trucking is a great industry to enter into after leaving the service. That’s why we, at United Truck Driving School, offer a Military Program for Veterans who want to earn their commercial driver’s license and become a truck driver. United accepts most VA Benefits including the Post 9/11 GI BILL®, Vocational Rehab, and My CAA.


United Truck Driving School offers CDL Training in Southern California. Campuses are located in San Diego and Riverside. United prepares students by training them on both Class A and Class B equipment.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

Touring America While Still on the Job

When you get into your truck for the first time ready to drive across country, you’re probably thinking about the destination. But what about all of the things you’ll pass by on the road? You might be passing through huge cities, national parks or alongside the beach! But will you be able to see all of these sights?

Yes! You just need to plan for it.

The first step is to talk to your carrier. Each one has different rules on bobtailing on your own time. Bobtailing is when a driver drives a semi truck without a trailer on personal time.

If your carrier has rules against bobtailing and requires that your truck be kept in a “safe haven” while on reset, you can find a cheap car rental to take you around the city and see the sights. Don’t forget to do some research before you hitting the road. Check out the best restaurants and sights while you’re in town!

Trip planners like are great resources for planning out a schedule outside of your driving time to see everything you want to see. Some of the attractions are accessible without a vehicle, through public transportation or walking.

Of course, the off road fun that you have all depends on your schedule and how you plan it out. Most drivers can manage to fit things in, just make sure you know your carrier rules first.

Are You Ready?

If you want to see the sights as a truck driver, your first step is becoming one! Enroll at United Truck Driving School where we train students using both Class A and Class B equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Take the first step and start your classes at United Truck Driving School.

The road is calling – grab your keys, and head to United Truck Driving School!