Fall Beauty Found In These Locations

When it’s your job to drive the grand expanse of America’s geography, it would be understandable if you become slightly numb to the look of the terrain. But, Fall brings the visual splendor of the leaves revealing a whole new spectrum of colors! As you take to the road this autumn, here are is a short list of regions scattered across the country where the autumn vibes are particularly strong.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Photo of Arcadia National Park
Photo retrieved from http://acadiaimages.com/2018-workshops/fall-foliage-2018/

Bar Harbor is a city that regularly appears when discussing the best places to witness the fall and with good reason. As the leaves turn near the end of September, the 40-mile stretch of the Acadia byway becomes a sensuous wonderland alongside Maine’s coastline. The Acadia National Park also resides there. If you’re looking for an extra pop of color this fall, be sure to make a trip out to Cadillac Mountain and explore the outdoors.


Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Photo of Blue Ridge Virginia
Photo Retrieved from https://www.nps.gov/blri/learn/nature/fall-colors.htm

The Blue Ridge Parkway is pleasant all year, but it really comes alive during the Fall. The changing of the seasons is most apparent from the end of September throughout the entirety of October. Orange sassafras, golden poplars, and scarlet sourwoods are just a few examples of the plant life that you can see in this area of southern Appalachia. The natural beauty of the parkway is best typified by the Virginia Fall Foliage Festival, which takes place in Waynesboro during the first two weekends of October.


Taos, New Mexico

Photo of Taos, New Mexico
Photo Retrieved from https://www.newmexico.org/fall-events/fall-colors/

There aren’t many better places more vibrant during this time of year than the city of Taos, New Mexico. The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway loop from Taos to Eagle Nest and Angel Fire is chock full of warm-colored conifers such as golden and red cottonwoods. You won’t just see nice fauna in Taos. There is also a close-knit artist community that galleries with paintings influenced by the surrounding mountain peaks. The town is also a place to see eagles, black bears, and elk. Once you’ve been here, you’ll understand why New Mexico has the nickname “The Land of Enchantment”.


Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Photo of Michigan Upper Peninsula
Photo retrieved from xhttps://www.saultstemarie.com/mission-great-fall-color-upper-peninsula/

The Fall season of this slice of land brings with it a collection of bright red and gold hues usually found during the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October. These leaves cover everything, from the region’s plentiful forest areas to the state’s modern paved roads and the beautiful Great Lakes are always in the background. The greatest views are courtesy of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The upper peninsula also includes dozens of waterfalls, the most prominent one being Bond Falls.


Black Hills of South Dakota

Photo of South Dakota Black Hills
Photo retrieved from http://cbegeman.blogspot.com/2012/10/black-hills-autumn.html

Last but not least is the Black Hills area of South Dakota. A  southwestern corner that is home to bright fall colors. You can see Aspens, elm, and fiery sumac trees. Cinematic drives aren’t hard to found out here. Make sure the visit the Spearfish Canyon State & National Forest Service Scenic Byway, a stretch given personality by its relaxing scenery made up of spruce trees, limestone cliffs, and waterfalls.


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Truck Drivers Rock. Literally!

Those of us in the trucking industry know that truck drivers are truly the Rock Stars of the Road. But did you know that the King of Rock and Roll started out as a truck driver too? Elvis Presley; Yes, the guitar playing, dancing, hair-loving Elvis Presley took to the road after high school.

Picture obtained from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHre_Cga44o

Elvis Presley graduated high school in 1953 and followed his father’s footsteps, who was also a truck driver. Elvis began driving a truck for Crown Electric in June of 1954 and even adopted his now-famous hairstyle that summer. The voluminous slicked back hairdo was the most popular among the truck drivers at that time. As you may have guessed, the truck Elvis was driving in 1954 is nothing compared to the big-rigs that are being driven today. His truck was a small two-door Chevrolet that was only a little longer than the typical pickup truck we see in 2019. Even though Elvis embraced his new job, he always knew music was the way he wanted to go.

He always kept music on his mind. Elvis filled his downtime on the road by writing poems and song lyrics. He even hand scratched his favorite radio stations into the dashboard of the truck so he would never go anywhere without his favorite songs.

The very summer Elvis started his truck driving career, he attempted his shot to get into the music industry. One night in the summer of 1954, Elvis sang in front of music industry veteran Eddie Bond. Flash forward to today, and we all recognize Elvis Presley as one of the greatest rock and roll artists of all time. However, that was not the case in 1954. Eddie Bond told Elvis, “Stick to driving a truck, you’ll never make it as a singer.”

We all know Elvis did not, “Stick to driving a truck,” and went on to be one of the biggest celebrities in music, but the fame did not keep Elvis away from his truck. He kept the very truck he drove for Crown Electric as his getaway car even after he was famous. Elvis would throw on a ball cap and hop in the beat-up, old Chevy to bypass the crowds of people surrounding his house. He would run errands, go see friends, or just go for a drive. His truck was his haven. His quiet time. And his sense of peace. Many truck drivers today can surely relate.

As National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gets underway, we want to take this moment not only to appreciate how the King of Rock and Roll got his start but to celebrate you. Truck drivers today keep America moving and our country would not be the same without you. We greatly thank you for your dedication and service to the industry, and we hope your career as a truck driver will always be a part of who you are; just like Elvis.