What Would Happen If Truckers just Stopped?

Many people do not realize how crucial truck driving to a country and economy. Trucks transport food, medicines, water, and other essential supplies every day to various parts of the country. If truck drivers suddenly stopped, our cities would be in chaos! Here’s what would happen in 3 days if trucking stopped:

In the First 24 Hours:

Health – Hospitals would run out of necessary healthcare supplies like needles, test strips and gauze that are brought by truckers. Medications, which have life spans of just hours, would expire and cause massive financial losses.

City- Mail and packages would not be delivered. Gas and fueling stations would start run out of fuel.

Food- Grocery stores would begin running out of supplies and food shortages would begin to occur because truckers are not refilling their supplies.

In 2 to 3 Days:

Food – Food shortages would go full-blown. Essentials like bread, milk, and vegetables would be gone. This would lead to a consumer panic and people would stockpile on what is available.

Economy– ATMs would run out of money and banks wouldn’t be able to process transactions because there are no truckers to bring additional money. Businesses would run out of money and operations would be rendered impossible. Also, goods stored in container ships would remain at the coasts

City – Fuel and gas station would be lacking fuel completely. People wouldn’t be able to go to hospitals, work and shopping stores. Prices would skyrocket, and there would be long queues at gas stations.

Health –Garbage would begin to pile up in urban areas, causing many health and environmental risks. Waste would start rotting, attracting vermin and rendering many people vulnerable to infectious diseases.

1 Week

Health – Hospitals would begin running out of oxygen supplies, and many patients would be at risk. Clean water supplies would begin to run out.

Trucking is the life force of our country. If truck driving stopped, it would cripple our ability to exist normally, and it would cause a hazardous triple effect across every facet our nation. Truck drivers keep our economy moving.Currently, we are facing a shortage of truck drivers. There’s more work than truck drivers can manage, and truck drivers are in demand more than ever.

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10 Accessories Essential For Truck Drivers

Adapting to a new career on the road can be challenging. There can be a lot to learn not just about your new job, but your new lifestyle on the road. We’ve created a list of essential accessories that experienced truck drivers never leave home without! Each item will make your travels an overall better experience. Our recommended essential accessories fall into 3 categories: safety, health, and comfort. Check it out and make sure your truck is not missing anything!


  • Leather Gloves: You never know when you’ll need to check a tire or a trailer. Be ready with a set of industrial leather gloves that will protect your hands and keep you prepared.
  • Flashlight: A bright flashlight can help you locate items in your cab quicker. This accessory can also help keep you stay safe during unexpected stops at night either on the road or at a truck stop.
  • Reflective Vest: You can never be too safe! A reflective vest could save your life while you’re fueling, unloading, or loading. Put the vest on for unexpected stops on busy roads so passing cars can see you.


  • USB Heating Pad: A heating pad can be a great accessory for your muscles. Sitting for long periods of time can make your muscles stiff. The heating pad can help relax your muscles before sleeping or heading home to get the most out of the time you’re not driving.
  • First-aid Kit: It is never good to be caught without a bandage when you need one. Bandages and ointments are great accessories to help prevent discomfort and infections. Make sure you’re equipped to heal from minor cuts and sprains as you travel.
  • Pain Relievers: It’s wise to bring Aspirin or Tylenol on your trip. You won’t want to be stuck on the road with a headache and no gas station in sight.


  • Paper Towels/Napkins: Paper towels are simple items that are always needed. They can help wipe up spills. It is inevitable that spills will happen in the cab and possibly on you! Keep paper towels close by and be prepared.
  • Air Freshener: Eating on the road can sometimes cause cabs to smell like your most recent meal. A spritz of air freshener clears the air so that your cab feels fresh.
  • State-of-the-art Pillow: You will be thankful you invested in an upscale pillow when you are sleeping on the road. Pillow technology has come a long way. There are now cooling, memory foam and even heated pillows. You can find one that is best for you and will help you get a better night’s sleep.
  • Seat cushion or back support: Sitting for a majority of your job can take a toll on your spine. Invest in an additional seat cushion or back support cushion to help your posture while sitting. This simple item could save you a lot of doctor’s appointments in the future.

Proper preparation divides the rookies from the champs in this business. The fewer stops you have to make, the better. Be sure to consider what else might keep you comfortable, safe and healthy on the road before you take off.

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